Nothing else to compare it to these days. Simply the best of its genre.

User Rating: 10 | Jagged Alliance 2 PC
i'm a fan of tactics anything. but squad based tactics are so rare that we can still referenece laser squad among the last 10 releases of squad based anything. does jagged alliance 2 have issues? sure. do they matter? hell no. it's all about personality. and of course gameplay. the introduction of realtime during exploration of a map (with enemies) was revolutionary, and sadly ignored by everyone publishing an x-com clone since JA2. We're, what, seven, eight years later and no one has published a game in this genre trhat has smoked what the Currie's did so long ago. Do yourself a favour and track this game down if you've never played it. If i had to pick only five games i could every play over the course of my life, this would be one of them (oddly enough, most of those game would be sequels, cause I'd take star control II, Baldur's Gate II, Doom II, and think long and hard about the last one......)