One of the best turn-based squad-based games ever made. RPG elements and there's even a well-developed story-line.

User Rating: 9.5 | Jagged Alliance 2 PC
JA2 has a lot going for it: you hire a team of mercenaries that have very different personalities and then work through a series of tactical battles across many many maps. Hiding in brush, kneeling, camoflage, night-fighting and much more all actually really matter in your battle decisions. Its impressive how smart your enemies are and there's even an optional sci-fi element that will add to the types of enemies you will fight. There's little to complain about. The 2-D maps look good -- not amazing -- but good. You have to earn money from capturing maps that have mines on them. If you dont have enough funds, your mercenaries can't get paid and they may leave the team. Some folks didn't like this strategic level of management of the team. I must admit I much prefered staging battles and upgrading the abilities of my mercenary team than manging funds. When your team is injured you have to heal them over a period of time. This will take them out of fighting at a time when you may really need your crack sniper or grenade expert. But these are minor complaints. The only real issue is that it isn't always clear if you have line-of-sight with your weapons or not. Sometimes you will think you can hit a target and the game thinks there is a tree in the way no matter how many times you shoot. The game is long and there's plenty of reason to try this game if you aren't immedaitely turned-off by turn-based games. Its easily one of the best games of its genre.