This is just excellence. If you love this game like I do, read the rest of my review to get the best news ever.

User Rating: 9.5 | Jagged Alliance 2 PC
I'm not going to write a review about Jagged Alliance 2... if you don't know the game, go and get it RIGHT NOW. If you know it, and would like to have a better experience with it, visit The Bear's Pit JA Community (I won't put the url since GameSpot may not like 'advertising' on their reviews... just google it)

There you can update your game, and fix most of the game's bug issues that were a pain in the ass before (there's still a few bugs here and there, so be sure to save often).

But the best thing you'll find in The Bear's Pit is the new inventory system... it changes the game completely, adding LBE gear to the mix (LBE stands for Load Bearing Equipment). Now, in order to load your mercs with all he or she's going to need, you'll need to get them an LBE vest (not any vest... a Russian vest might be better for a machinegun-man, while a Honk-Kong Police vest will suit your grenadier better), get them holsters, utility pouches, etc... there's even a knife slot so know each one of your mercs will be able to stab Deidranna to death.

If you think this will make the game easier, think again. The weight limit is still there, so you'll have to think about what to carry. You'll actually be able to carry less equipment than with the old inventory system... the thing is, now you can carry a bigger variety of things, so you won't have to be dropping thins here and there... and if you really need to carry a big load of things, you can take a backpack... just be sure to drop it before battle, since it will make you very slow and you won't even be able to climb onto second floors.

Wether you're a hardcore JA2 player, or have never played, please, try this. You won't regret it.

(Note: There's an online play feature in development in The Bear's Pit too!! I haven't tried it yet, but I bet it rocks!!)