Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire Cheats For PC

  1. Various Codes

    These are entered at the tactics menu, you will get a message confirming entry. Press Ctrl to enter cheat mode. When I say 0 Cheat Mode, it just means that it has to be activated first

    Code Effect
    Gabbi 0 Cheat Mode
    Alt + E See everything
    Alt + T Teleport to marker
    Alt + O Kill all
    Alt + D Get full action points
    Alt + R Full Ammo
    Alt + W Item Scrolling
    Alt + B Spawn Hostile Mercenary
    Alt + C Spawn Civilian
    Alt + G Spawn new mercenary
    Alt + Y Spawn Robot
    Alt + 2 Mercenaries turn to Bugs
    Alt + 4 Mercenaries are wheelchaired
    Alt + 5 Mercenaries are big bugs
    Alt + I Spawn Random Weapon
    Alt + K Lethal Gas
    Alt + Q See inside buildings
    Alt + 1 Mercenary is a Tank
    Ctrl + T 3 Mercenaries go to Queens Prison
    Ctrl + H -20 Damage
    Ctrl + U If you heal, Mercenaries get full energy
    Crtl + O Hostile B ug
    Ctrl + K Explosion
    Laptop Plus Get $100000
    Laptop Minus Lose $10000
    Ctrl + T Teleport Mercenaries
    Alt + Left Mouse Spawn in Clear place

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy 

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