Jagged Alliance (1994) Cheats For PC

  1. Duplicate items

    Press [Alt] + S to quick save the game while in your sector. Take an item from the speed inventory bar at the bottom of the screen and keep it "floating". Press [Alt] + R to restore the game. The selected item should still be in-hand as well as in the inventory. Place the "floating" item into an open location in the inventory to obtain two of the same item.

    Contributed by: Zen 

  2. Not so busy after all

    When using a mercenary that refuses to take different orders after they've engaged an enemy (such as Fidel and Leech), simply remove their weapon from their hand (taking them out of combat mode) and put it right back. Since you have not moved the weapon around in their inventory, this costs no action points, but they will be willing to take orders again.

    Contributed by: Sashanan 

  3. Skip opponent's turn

    Press [Ctrl] + F When it is your opponents turn to move to skip back to your turn.

    Contributed by: Zen 

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