iTapPirate HUGE UPDATE is now on the appstore!!!!

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 A month ago we released iTapPirate. A fast Shoot-Where-You-Tap pirate game.


 We are proud to announce that a HUGE SUPER BIG update is available
 NOW! Including ALL of the suggestions our community and reviewers gave

 ITS A GAME CHANGER!  iTapPirate meets Fruit Ninja and Major Mayhem
 with improved gameplay and graphics.

 Seriously, if you already played iTapPirate or saw a video about it,
 Check again, because now this game is like anything you have played

 The levels look better, lot of atmosphere. And aside from just tapping
 to kill pirates, you can now swipe like in Fruit Ninja or Infinity
 Blade and actually cut the pirates into pieces.


 And when you get really excited with all the tapping and swiping, Then
 you will blow up your mind when you get to fight one of the new
 Mid-Level Bosses using gestures for a dynamic cinematic battle.
 The update also contains tons of better sound effects and a lot of new
 graphic improvements all over from the menu to the environments.

 Here is a video with a few of the new features of the game. But there
 are even more new things for the player to discover while they play

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