not a good game.

User Rating: 4 | Island Xtreme Stunts PS2
so basically you are a stuntman in a lego world. you do various "missions" on motorcycles, cars, boats, and planes. you can also skateboard. you can do a mission in the skatepark which is kinda like a thps score challenge, just nowhere near as fun.

the controls are ok when you are moving around. you don't really move slow its just that the city is big so it takes forever to get around. the skateboard isn't much of an improvement of speed either. the only way to get around effectively is with a car but you have to get a liscense first which is weird since it in the first scene and first mission it shows you driving a motorcycle and car with no problem at all. getting the liscense is rediculously easy.

you also have to get liscenses for boats and planes. but for some reason you HAVE to get the 3 lisceses in order or you won't be able to take the lesson.

the music is terrible. the lyrics suck. all of the radio stations suck. the best thing you could do is turn off the music.

flying a plane is weird and frustrating. the test is kinda hard because you have to fly through small rings. once you pass the test you can fly anywhere you want. there are only a couple of places you can land though and trying to land is very, very frusterating because you can only be in one spot to be able to land and since you are always moving, its very hard.

the boats are kinda fun to use but there isn't much to do with them.

in this game you have to collect red bricks for points and yellow bricks to make lego creatures. why? i don't know. you can also collect cards that have each of the characters in the game on them.

the graphics are trying to immitate legos and they do a good job with that.

whenever you go near a moving car in the road all of a sudden every piece comes apart, floats over you, and puts itself back together.

the voice acting is horrible.

overall, this game isn't terrible, but its close.