A complete disappointment to a die-hard battlefield fan

I wanted to like this game. I really did. But no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't. Bad maps and campers everywhere don't lead to fun, in my opinion. The campaign was mediocre at best. If DICE had made this game more like the Battlefields I know and love, and didn't try to make it more fast paced and more like COD, this could have been an excellent installment in the series. Yet another example of a company's wallet controlling their actions. MW3 is better in every way. In more than 1 game I have spawned on my team's aircraft carrier and been killed immediately because some jackass got in the ac carriers defense turret and would shoot as someone spawned. There are more jerks in this game than in COD. I play video games to have fun, not to get angry to the point of smashing my controller against my knee. Battlefield's online community used to be so good, and now it's terrible, probably from all the jerks that nuke hunted in MW2 by camping like there was no tomorrow. But this is just my opinion and maybe just my luck.

**On another note, the graphics are good, but the lighting is terrible. There is way too much glare from the sun, and the flashlight attachment blinds your character completely from very far away, even in a map in complete sun. I'll wait for the Back to Karkand pack, and if that doesn't redeem the game for me, then I will probably just return it. I used to be someone that would always argue BF over COD, but in the case of MW3 and BF3, MW3 is just better, and not just from some silly fanboy perspective.