Inversion is a pretty fun game that is a bit familiar but with the power to control Gravity is an experience on it's own

User Rating: 7.5 | Inversion X360

Publisher: Namco Bandai Games America
Developer: Saber Interactive
Platform: Xbox 360
Rated: Mature
Released: June 15, 2012

The visuals for Inversion are quite impressive to look at and when I say they are quite impressive to look at and that include's the games detail to the games two headline character's in Davis and his friend Leo look pretty great when it comes to the detail on the two of them and feature on them are quite impressive with with the games enemies which are called Lutador's I think I got it right and the detail to them was pretty impressive and when you play this game you will probably be how I was and notice that the enemies seem to be human that did not go to school at all and they are not human but more on them later in my gameplay part of my review and so the art direction and design to the main playable characters and the human allies and enemies they all look pretty well done.

The detail to the games environments were all done well from the made up earth city called Vanguard City to even the huge space station that has harvested you and your partner and all the humans of Vanguard City and all the locations in between the to main environments and all the environments were all done well and was very easy on the eyes and in general everything from the details to the character's to the detail's to all the environment's and locations were all great and were quite impressive. So if you are wandering if their are any issues with the visuals and well there are some but not to many like their was a moment in the game where it froze on me even with it installed to the hard drive and their were some issues with in the games frame rate and it's not of a major problem because it does not happen a lot just once in a while in the games single player campaign but in general it was still very much playable and very much enjoyable to look at and play. So in short the games visuals are quite impressive and are very nice to look at through out the game even with some minor issues with the visuals and with that said the visuals for this game are impressive enough to be great.

The audio for Inversion is probably the best part of the everything seems to be almost life like sounds despite this game being a sci-fi/third-person-shooter and with that said the weapons sound pretty good from the game's version of Gears of War's Lancer which they sounds almost as great as Gears lancer and the shot gun in this game sounds pretty impressive and let me just say you the player will like the sounds of all the weapons and even a new kind of weapon called the Gravlink and I'll talk more about it later, but all in all the sounds of the weapons were great to hear when they were fired and you should like the way all the weapon's sound in this game.

So the other impressive audio for this game is the sound track/musical score and the voice over work and with the voice over work for the main character's of Davis and Leo are great and the voice actors did a great job voicing these characters and bringing them to life even the voice actors of the non-playable-characters as well and the dumb but smart Lutador's all the voice work for this game was just all done well and was great and the sound track was very great and help set the games mood, dramatic moments and all the action pack part of the game. So in short the games audio is as great as it can get and you the player should enjoy it.

The gameplay for Inversion is quite impressive and is also a bit familiar like Gears of War like but Inversion really does take that concept and really tries to make their own spin on it with two new character's by the name's of Davis Russell and Leo Delgado and instead of killing the locust horde like in the gears series and Inversion you take on a enemy known as Lutador's invade Vanguard City and you as Davis and your partner Leo have to step up and help stop this unknown enemy from taking over and find you daughter and I won't go into to much detail of the games story but when you get to the end of this game their is a bit of a twist to the whole plot and story. But with the gameplay the game does have the same feel but the controls are slightly different then Gears but the whole feel was similar and with a new kind of weapon know as the Gravlink which allow's you to shoot low gravity shots which you make you enemy float or hover in the air and you can use this to help move objects that might be in your way and the option you have with the Gravlink is called High gravity and sometimes with this you will have to use this on an object to create a pathway or bridge and you can use this to create a power full shock wave to kill some enemies or take down the enemies with power shields and regular shields and this gravlink can be quite fun to use.

In this game you will be fighting an enemy known as the Lutador's which is considered to be an unknown enemy which as started an invasion of earth and the city known as Vanguard City and their are tons of different types of enemies to kill so you don't feel like you are killing the same kind most of the game and this game does offer Boss Battles and some boss fights are pretty easy to handle and some could be quite frustrating at times and might get you a little pissed off and might want to throw your controller through your t.v set or at a wall and if you have the right weapons at the time of the battle you should do fine. So in short for this game is that the story is pretty straight forward when you start this up and it plays a bit similar to Gears with different control's and a new spin with a new weapon know as the gravlink which can be fun to use and the game is just fun and that is good enough to be just more than decent and playable and with the game story being playable in solo or local and on-line co-op and the single-player is just very good.

So the on-line for this Inversion is and can be fun when you can get a match together and I don't know if it is the fact not a lot of people bought this or the opposite and it just hard to connect to game lobbies I don't know and I do understand this game as almost been out for about two month's now and I din't expect it to be dead or maybe just problems connecting to other players lobbies, but enough about the vertually no one on-line or the other problem with it. I'll talk about the on-line modes and this game has your standard deathmatch where you might be able to find a few people to to play this mode, and you got your standard team deathmatch where you fight against another team to win with the most kill or when the time runs out wins and you surprisingly no one plays this mode, then you have a mode called Hourglass which is a king of the hill game mode, you have Assault mode which is objective based, you have a mode known as King of Gravity where you have to acquire a gravlink to become the king of gravity, you have a mode called Grav Control where players can get a kill streak to trigger vector changes and turn the map upside down, the you have Gravity Slaughter and you score kills and points with Gravity powers and the last mode is a Survival mode and in this mode you have you and three other players work together in completing mission objective's, wave of enemies and a Boss fight it is basically a mix of horde mode with the Mass Effect 3 spin on it. So in short the on-line is vertually dead, but fun when you do get a match going.

The overall point for Inversion is that it does have great visuals, an amazing audio and a pretty decent story and familiar gameplay with a twist and with on-line basically dead it might not be a good pick for the on-line and the single-player is quite fun to play with right amount of just right feel and the right amount of frustration when a part in this game gets rough with a Boss battle or something else. So basically this game is worth the $50 dollar price tag and for most of you with other game right around the corner you can try it out renting it or buy and trade it in for something else. I was going to give this game a little higher score but with no one on-line I had to rethink it, so the score I plan on giving it might still be a little high but it is fair based on the single-player campaign.

7.5 out of 10