About as generic as it gets...

User Rating: 4.5 | Inversion PC
Inversion is in short, a cover based shooter á la Gears of War where you will use your powers over gravity to remove said cover from enemies, and they will attempt to do the same to you. Which makes this... just a shooter, I guess?

It plays nearly identical to Gears of War, but worse in every aspect. It's dull, it's repetitive, it's occasionally frustrating. The same boss fights are repeated ad nauseum, the scripted low gravity sections are trite and annoying, and there are about 5 different types of enemies throughout the entire game, boss fights excluded.
Cutscenes constantly interrupt the gameplay instead of being woven into it. Actually, to summarize what you'll be doing throughout this arduous 6 hour journey:
- Cutscene
- Some cover based shooting
- Cutscene
- Low gravity section
- Cutscene
- Turret sequence
- Cutscene
- Boss fight
- Cutscene
- Repeat these steps until you finish the game
- Uninstall

The story itself is ridiculous, and only gets worse the farther it goes. The ending itself feels very anticlimactic and only seems to set up for a sequel, which won't happen because nobody cares.