Fun gameplay but a bit boring.

User Rating: 7.5 | Inversion X360
Game is quite impressive gameplay and retard in his storyline.I liked those powers and guns,gore and blood.But this game disappoint me,because it's too hard and boring in some areas.Sometimes this game even suck,especially when you try to kill slave keeper,Brute or Mechanic robot etc. and if you don't have good weapons you will die,die and die.And you get bored.Storyline is really retard because aliens attacks Earth and you lost your daughter(How many games have the same storyline???). Music and sounds is good.Powers are wonderful but i think developers copy some powers from Singularity,Bullet Storm,Wolfenstein and Red Faction: Armageddon.Gameplay reminds me Gears of war gameplay so i liked that too.This game has amazing physics.My verdict:
Gameplay 8
Storyline 6
Music 7
Powers 9
Physics 9
So i will rate it 7.5.