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  • Rating:3.4

    100% disapointing.

    This "expansion" for Starcraft came out slightly before brood war did. It added several campaigns and attempted to improve on near perfection. To me this game was a complete waist of the $15 (Canadian) i spent on it. It ... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:2

    this is a joke right?

    This joke of an "expansion addon" is the reason the developer, Aztech New Media (once an incredibly mediocre bargain developer) is no longer in existence. Even for 1998, Insurrection has incredibly poor production values... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:3

    Official licensed products made by a third party don't usually work out too well...

    The unbelievable success of Starcraft would obviously invite many things to the table. Toys, comics and legions upon legions of fans are just a few things to name but there is one more thing that people neglect to talk... Read Full Review

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