Insaniquarium Deluxe Cheats For PC

  1. Santa Fish

    If you buy a guppy from the virtual tank store and name it "Santa" it will sing christmas songs and drop bags of shells.

    Contributed by: BabaGan00sH 

  2. Original Prego Sound

    If you type "prego" during a game , it returns to the original Prego birth sound.

    Contributed by: A_The_Cheat 

  3. Trophies

    Code Effect
    Get all 4 bonus pets, 4 pet limit, and 7 pet VT limit Silver
    Unlock all stories from challenge mode Gold

    Contributed by: shadowlost8 

  4. Unlockable pets

    Beat any level in adventure mode to get the coressponding pet.

    Code Effect
    Beat 1-1 Stinky the Snail
    Beat 1-2 Niko the Oyster
    Beat 1-3 Itchy the Swordfish
    Beat 1-4 Prego the Momma Fish
    Beat 1-5 Zorf the Seahorse
    Beat 2-1 Clyde the Jellyfish
    Beat 2-2 Vert the Skeleton Fish
    Beat 2-3 Rufus the Crab
    Beat 2-4 Meryl the Mermaid
    Beat 2-5 Wadsworth the Whale
    Beat 3-1 Seymour the Turtle
    Beat 3-2 Shrapnel the Mecha-Fish
    Beat 3-3 Gumbo the Angler-Fish
    Beat 3-4 Blip the Porpoise
    Beat 3-5 Rhubarb the Hermit Crab
    Beat 4-1 Nimbus the Manta Ray
    Beat 4-2 Amp the Electric Eel
    Beat 4-3 Gash the Shark
    Beat 4-4 Angie the Angelfish
    Beat 4-5 Final boss fight
    Beat 5-1 Presto-chango, tadpole extrordinaire

    Contributed by: chaos5fanatic 

  5. Bonus Pets and Limits

    Code Effect
    Purchase between levels for 20,000 Brinkley the Scuba-Diving Elephant
    Purchase between levels for 25,000 Nostradamus the Nose-Fish
    Purchase between levels for 30,000 Stanley the Startingly Small Sea-Serpent
    Purchase between levels for 35,000 Walter the Penguin
    Purchase between levels for 40,000 4 Pet Limit
    Purchase between levels for 45,000 7 Pet Limit in VT only

    Contributed by: chaos5fanatic 

  6. Sandbox Mode

    Enter at the main screen, after you have the silver trophy. Note: use arrow keys for the listed directions.

    Code Effect
    press: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a Unlocks Sandbox Mode

    Contributed by: BabaGan00sH 

  7. Misc. Codes

    Type the following at any tank screen:

    Code Effect
    space backround is now "space"
    zombie all fish "look" dead
    void backround is now a blank white screen
    time displays time on tank
    supermegaultra changes preggo's birth noise
    welovebetatesters changes Breeder fish's birth noise
    wavy tank backround waves
    B Bubbles rise from the bottom of the tank

    Contributed by: Joe915 

  8. Giving shells

    Have 2 users, make second user beat level 1, then go to main menu screen, type give and you will see a screen pop up.

    Code Effect
    Give Gives shells to other users

    Contributed by: joeismydog 

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