Insane 2 Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Won First Gold Medal Shiny!
    Pass Any Cup Step to Peak
    Get First Place without wrecks or repairs in Race Cautious
    Lost first place in 2 seconds before finish I've tried
    Pass Any Championship Hard work
    Won over Champion of Rating List I'm the Boss
    Get 3400 Rating points in Rally Races Rally Master
    Get 2400 Rating points in Gates Races Pathfinder
    Get 2200 Rating Points in 'Flags' and 'Mark the Gate' Races Unstoppable
    Get prize-winning places in all events of 'Competitors Challenge' Pretender
    Get prize-winning places in all events of 'World Tour' World celebrity
    Get prize-winning places in all events of 'Manufacturers Contest' Best mechanic
    Get prize-winning places in all events of 'Pro Club' Live legend
    One Car is completely upgraded Experimenter
    All cars are completely upgraded (excluding prototypes) Mechanic
    Drives 500 km Dust of the Roads
    Drives 1500 km Traveller
    Lead through one Lap Catch me
    Catch 5 Bonuses in 2 minutes Hunter
    Drives through 20 checkpoints in 2 minutes Optimizer
    Hold Flag for 1 minute Frisky
    Catch Bonus in the Air My!
    Get First Place without collisions in Race Don't come to me!
    For 2 minutes drives at speed not lower than 100 kph Speed Lust
    Catch all gold Bonuses in Greed Snatch
    Destroyed 10 own's vehicles What is inside?
    Accelerate vehicle over 200 kph Orbital Velocity
    Perform jump over 150 m in length New Record
    Take in air on altitude over 100 m Where is my wings?
    Participate in first online Race Hello!
    Won Online Race with 8 Humans Bots are harder
    Over 2 hours of Online Races For Ages
    Won 25 online Races Step to Fame
    Won 10 online Races on single Car Very good Car
    Won online in all Gameplays Love of Diversity
    Won on all Maps in online Races I know the Route
    Rams with the Opponent Head to Head in Split screen mode Ram Ram
    Get all car in Buggy class Buggy
    Get all car in SUV class SUV
    Get all car in Truck clas Trucks
    Get all car in Pickup class Pickups
    Get all car in Extreme class Extreme
    Get all car in Prototype class Prototype
    Get gold on 5 different Eurasia maps Eurasia
    Get gold on 5 different North America maps North America
    Get gold on 5 different Africa maps Africa
    Get gold on 5 different Antarctic maps Antarctic

    Contributed by: Guard Master