met all transitions challenge help!!

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i want to complete this challenge can someone help ill return the favor psn: skoonts_310 message me
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I sent you an invite. I too need help completing it.
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What is the challenge? Just to do all the transitions? That's easy. What's the twist?

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What is the challenge? Just to do all the transitions? That's easy. What's the twist?

You've gotta do it against an opponent online which is pretty tough when everyone is jumping around the whole match or spamming Deathstroke shots the whole time. I need help w/ this challenge for the 360 if anyone else on here would like to help or receive help. XBL: Tee 8

Player matches would be the way to go, I guess. Just make sure you only agree to opponents you think you can beat, and hope you luck out on stage selection to get them all.
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Im looking For someone to help me with this challenge as well I'll do the same for them of course Xbox / gamer tag : awsbaws
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If you still need help I also need it, gt/ Auron928
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Looking for someone to do this on ps3 with. Message me: Superrone
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Transitions meaning level transitions where you knock the other player THROUGH the wall into another portion of the board? and you have to do this on ALL levels? I would like to create a private match with someone and attempt this. Anybody need it too?
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I am in if u are still online
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Do you have injustice on a system that you can help me unlock things on my iOS?
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anyone tryna help I could use it...PSN Dark_Eros91
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I could use some help as well. Would help you too. PSN Entex_x3
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I need this as well, PS3 (GT) D353rt_Rat29. Add me, need survivor online too. Ill help in return. Thanks!
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Hey can someone help me out with this challenge on psn. My gamer tag is DeNtrlPreditor just message me to add you. I will gladly return the favor if needed. Thanks to anybody that can help.
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I need iOS and trophy help in injustice (ps3). my psn name is; djkamakaze. Please and thank you.
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I would really like some help with this, and girl power. My gamer tag is DarkAdam29 on the Xbox
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Message me on Xbox: "v Greex"
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I could use some help too will also return the favor Xbl: viperstrike7
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I could use the help message me on xbox live gamertag: zeth LP
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I'll help you out gt: mickey frank111
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if any1 wants help hmu gt: A Russian Snail
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I'll help you out, if you help me out. If you still need help that is, or if you just want to help me. I'm sure it won't take long. Send me an invite in Xbox live. My gamer tag is Miztur Wright. Thank you
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i did all the stage transitions challenge, and after i won it said i unlocked him but after i went into my iphone i still didnt got him.... 

what can i do?

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I need help. My gamer tag is willre00 messege me
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Can anyone help me out with the met all transitions challenge and girl power challenge so I can unlock batman beyond and Arkham Harley on ios? My ps3 name is cashlock09 add me if you can help please and thank you!
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If anyone want to do this on playstation my name is Kipcator. Call me.
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You still up for it? Send me a mail: We both do it :)
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Are your services for Playstation :) ?
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if you've completed the challenge can you log on to my ios i want batman beyond password:joseph123
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I'll, help but in return I ask the same favour. My psn is IMMA_KARAN
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I can help you, If you help me =) My PSN jmp3sk I'm from Mexico and maybe we have different time zone, now are 13:40 hrs You can tell me what time is there and at what time we can see us online, are you agree?
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To view gameguide videos for Injustice: Gods Among Us, you can visit
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If anyone is still doing this challenge mesh me on Xbox Live. SweepingConch70
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If anyone is still doing this challenge mesh me on Xbox Live. SweepingConch70