Is Superman straight-up the villain?

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The game looks really cool, but in all honesty, as a Superman fan, it bugs me that it looks like it's gonna be Batman (good guy) vs Superman (bad guy) story.  I understand Superman's lost a lot and going Justice Lords/Brave New Metropolis/Red Son fascist mode as a result of a lot of suffering.  It just irks me that the story seems like it'll be fodder for the Super-hating Bat-fans out there.  But at the same time, I'm aware that a lot of the people working on the game, like Ed Boon, are big Superman fans.

Am I worried when I shouldn't be?  Is it gonna be a "Whose side are you on" story where both sides do immoral things?  Do they have some sort of benevolent explanation for the things Superman does in this story?  Or are you straight-up rooting for Batman? 

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Superman is mostly labelled as the villain, but he also has a point of view. He isn't completely evil, as his reasons is to have peace, but he is getting out of hand doing it. Batman is the rebel. He probably is going to have to get pretty desperate to stop Superman, so I imagine he will have to recruit a lot of villains/anti-heroes to fight against Superman. Superman isn't just completely, but its more like he's just missing the point and not seeing humanity anymore. Kinda like Doctor Manhattan in the Watchmen movie, but he's actually just taking over. This is the exact same as the Justice Lord's Superman pretty much from JLU.
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They are making it so if you've seen the trailers and everything, heis the villian, but if you haven't, you can choose.
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There are multidimensions and he is evil in one of them because he killed Lois and his daughter (Joker corrupted him). Or something like that.

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But you still get to decide wether regime Supes is evil.