Got the game early in Australia. It's Great!

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Loving it so far. I was a fan of the demo and as one would hope the game is much better.

Early impressions, The Joker is great fun to play as with a lot of character in his move set.

The cutscenes and story are entertaining (though I'm not finished it yet). And yes they provide a reason why relatively weak human super heroes can stand up to the more powerful ones.

Normal difficulty seems ramped up quite a bit higher than it was in the demo.

DLC is not available yet on the PSN, codes don't work, so I guess that won't happen until the store updates or the games official release date hits.

Have been waiting this whole generation for a good 'pure' super hero fighter (not Marvel/capcom or DC/MK) to come along and it's finally here. This aint no slashie folks (Zoolander reference).

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I envy you. Last day before the game comes out, and I'm bored out of my mind.

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I feel your pain. Hang in there, it is worth the wait ;)

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game is freaking amazing!!!!!!!
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Yes it is Awesome!

I have finished the story mode, great fun but unfortunately not that long. Getting to grips with Aquaman at the moment and have given him a whirl in MP with mixed success. He seems pretty powerful to me (though I'm no fighting gamer expert). Multiplayer lobby can be a bit slow but hopefully that will improve with a patch or something.

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It is awesome, but Normal mode being ramped up? If anything the story mode is too easy. I used to have difficulty playing MK on normal but with this I'm flying through on Hard and probably going to do my second run on Very Hard soon.
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Hmmm...sounds like you have had a bit of practice at fighters recently and are pretty good at them, thus you found it easy. I am at much more of a casual skill level when it comes to fighting games so for me there is a decent level of challenge on the default setting. I doubt I could beat one round on the hard setting, but hey that's what difficulty settings are for right ;)