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Now that I've spent about an hour with the demo here is my first impression. LEARNING CURVE!! Very quickly I realized that this game "plays" very much like Mortal Kombat and that I'll need lots of practice time in practice mode. That out of the way, I can say the frame rate is more smooth than I have inticipated. Very fluid. The three availiable players are Wonder Woman, Batman, and Lex Luthor. I played as WW first and I was thinking "man is this game slow." After playing as Batman I noticed how fast he was, so WW is a power player. X is weak, Y is medium, and A is the heavy attack. B switches your players fighting style. LB is throw and RB interacts with the environment, which is very awesome and I can see how using them to your advantage can quickly turn the tide of battle. As you battle your meter fills up. When is full, press RT and LT to launch their SUPER MOVES!!! Lots of fun to watch. Also, press RT during a special move to see a variation of that move, with the cost of a bit of your meter. To knock people to another part of the arena, press back or forward (depending on the charecter) and press or hold A. If you are where you need to be the player will fly off crashing into wall, hit by a wrecking ball, fall a few stories, and get hit by a train for example. I can't wait to see them all.

Now for my REAL Opinion. I think this game will be pretty good. I don't think it will be THE GREATEST FIGHTING GAME EVER, but it's trying a lot of new things that are worth exploring. Hell, even the environments change as you fight, like the background in the distant. I do like the costumes in the game, some more than others. OH I FORGOT TO MENTION!! Their costumes and flesh show damage as you fight. This game DOES NOT HAVE FATALITIES so don't ask or look for them. Besides, personally I'd be bothered if they did. I'm a DC comic reader so this game speaks highly to people like me into comic books. I can see that after people get the handle of playing, the fights will be brutal, eye popping, and massive. Watch the computers fight. Its killer!! I'm interested to read how you guys felt about the demo.

And yes. I am getting this on day one. :) I'm excited to learn Superman, Nightwing, Wonder Woman, and Flash the most.

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After playing the demo I might have to go ahead and preorder this badboy! It's definately a fun fighting game.

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I've enjoyed the demo so far, the combat feels pretty satisfying and the stage transition attacks are always fun because they're so overkill. Does anyone know how to pull a clash off though? I can only do it if the computer chooses to because I have no idea what to press lol. Other than that, yeah it's pretty good.
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I think you press forward and RT