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NinpoRix here, Sup peoples?! I've noticed that most of the forums here have been about either what people want for characters and about new release footage but a ninja wants to yap about some fighting mechanics! B.T.W (Characters wanted that might not have been mentioned...): Blue Beetle - Sweetness; Captain Atom - Sweetness; Bizzarro - Come'on NeatherRealm! This would be the sweetest. (Fighting mechanic wise when it comes to his moves it could be the direct opposite input of Superman. For example: If Superman's heat vision is D, D+F +1, then you could make Bizzaro's D,D+B +1. Sweet right?! Plastic Man - Cause I think it'll be different. Sinestro - Give Green Lantern his own enemy! Dr. Fate - Bringing some mystic arts to the battle. Etrigan - Just thinking about the intro has me in awe James Gordon - Heck let me try to beat some sup's around! (Gag) Ahem anyway with that mentioned l wanna get down to the nitty gritty of the fighting mechanics. As we all know if this sux it doesn't matter how good the characters look. So here goes: ...............Super Moves.............In the game I noticed a few times that might have happened by chance but as gamer who remains jutsu'd to fighting games in my opinion what would make this game one of the great ones is the ability to combo into super moves. The ability to string together regular/special moves to super's is an awesome mechanic to any game. I saw this a couple of times but it looked like this happened by chance and wasn't really what the player was trying to do. MAKE THIS AS PART OF THE GAME. To be on par with Tekken/Virtua Fighter/ Super Street Fighter/ Heck even Mortal Kombat make this a mechanic that is glorified as part of gameplay.................Tag Team Battle..............To be able to team up with another super hero or villain is a staple of any good comic or cartoon. Why limit this on a game. It was prefaced on Mortal Kombat but it is something that is a staple in comics. Keep the good times roll'n with this one N.R. Please allow us to be able to put Batman and Nightwing together to kick some Gotham butt and show peoples how we protect the streets, or any team for that matter. With this mechanic also include the ability to do Team Supers. How hard can something like this be?........................Intros....................This is where the bread and the butter in my opinion, lies. In Street Fighter Alpha, Marvel vs. Street Fighter etc.. when oponents who usually fight against one another or who had a past met in battle they had their own intro in acutally talking to one another. The little things in the game are what counts N.R/peoples! Have Batman talking smack to Joker/ Have Lex if you include him belittling SuperMan etc.. this would be give this game 5 ninja stars out of 5! .....................Music......................Since I didnt hear some of the original voice acting I assume that N.R may have not been able to obtain a license to use the original music either. However, you have the license please use some of the original scores for the popular stages. Like for Batman's cave. Use the original Batman Cartoon music. Too sweet. For Superman's Metropolis have the original music or even if it doesnt start out with the original music once someone successfully causes a transition to another specific part of the stage have the music playing there. It would make us want to fight hard to get to that spot - especially if we are knocking our opponent to that spot!...................Controls........................Already read where you will be able to press back to block so I don't feel I need to address this. As if you had a button be block it would crap the game up! If we wanted to play M.K we would...believe me! I believe that I've dumped enough ninpo on ya'll man! Let a ninja know what ya'll think! Anything I missed etc... Peace - Magen: Jubaku Satsu -
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I agree with captin atom, sinestro, and bizarro. Blue bettle remind me of those watchmen characters, a fake super hero in a way, being that this is the same blue beetle from the cartoon series that was on when I was growing up. As for mechanics you have to do research bro, this would had saved you engery in writting this long post that I didn't read entirely lol. But not only can you combo into a super you can combo after a super. You can tell just by watching the videos, and being the this is nether realm studios mk9 was exactly that. Combo until a super making a 50% combo, but I believe superman shouldn't have a lead in combo super being that his is already over 50% of damage. What more do u need lol but check out green lantern and Harley Quinn supers, you can combo after the super, which looked like a air juggle. Do research bro
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MK9 was well balanced so I have complete faith in NS. Damage is scaled accordingly for combos before and after supers. Team battles are definitely something I want in. I just really want them to include separate characters as alt. skins for current characters. Like Bizarro for Superman and he has his own dialogue and appears as Bizarro in his health meter. Things like that can make the game seem 100x bigger than it really is. I'm pulling for BOTH Blue Beetle and Booster Gold!
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A ninja appreciates the insight my ninja! Always trying to learn more jutsu's! Do you have some links of this "phantom" comboing after the super mechanic by chance? Ninja Art -> Magen: Jubaku Satsu <-
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You feel a ninja on this one then my ninja! We all know what it takes to make a great game! I'm vying for making this the game of 2013 bro! Has this been done before? A fighting game being the game of the year?! Let's make it happen! What'd you think about giving Bizarro everything opposite of Superman? Ninja Art -> Magen: Jubaku Satsu <-
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Look at the videos, is it that hard to tell? You must not be used to fighting games to see something so clear. Green arrow and Harvey have combos you can perform after the super, do research damn
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Well Got Dammit to you ninja! Dang why is everyone picking up on just that part? Is my genjustu that strong that you've also missed the parts about the music, the intros, the team battles, the controls, the characters? Yaw ninjas tripping!


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