The worst (biased) game review I've seen in my life

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If I ever had any respect for Gamespot I lost it now.
Video review only proves my point, this idiot reviewer crouching the whole damn review with a flashlight. lol, you'd have to be retarded to do something like this. And I know for a fact that he didn't want to show that you CAN get great stuff on the map (it's the only place you can get them), but no he says that you have to spend money to buy guns. Obviously he's full of sh!t again, cause you CAN'T buy good gear with real money, CAN'T, get it?!?!?

I should show you my inventory and then you can go hit yourself on your idiotic head.

Pay for play? - lmao again. You can't buy anything worthwhile with real money, you actually have to play the game to get rewards.

Playerkilling - of course when you're standing there like an idiot all AFK waiting for someone to bash your brains in just so you can put it in your review (if you have any, which I doubt). I would sue you for slandering definately.

Zombies take more than dozen hits to kill - yes if you're stupid enough to be hitting them in their chest. And who kills zombies in 3rd person?? Only noobz and biased fuks.

This review is the worst pile of biased **** I've ever seen in my entire life, and I saw lots of crazy **** in my time.
Yes game has it's problems, but it's nowhere near as horrible as this brainless fart is trying to make it. I payed 15bucks for it and I am having more fun than any of the ****ty games for 60bucs out there ala CoD, Crysis, and such. I won't even start about the problems Arma engine has, and yes I've played DayZ quite a lot.

This guy, flashlight in his hands and running (actualy he's crouching, AGAIN) straight at 10 zombies and then saying "dying is the only thing you do", well yes if you're as retarded as you are.

I won't go on with pointing more of his bull**** that is clearly not true. He raised no walid arguments, and his "proof" is more than obviously staged just for this review.

LoL Gamespot, you are a joke, learn to review games since you never knew how to. More important is to rate new CoD with some astronomic grade, while the game is same ol **** since CoD4. Bravoo, bravo!
Bunch of biased fools.

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Sasho1313, if I ever had any respect for you (which I don't), I would certainly have lost it after your little rant.

Let's see... Hammerpoint bans people from the forums for complaining about the game. If they appealed, Hammerpoint didn't even LOOK at them; they used a copy-pasted "We have evidence that you have used multiple hacks. Your ban appeal has been denied." Which may be true in SOME cases, but EVERY case? I call BULL on that. They've also been accused of bullying and bribing people who complain about War Z.

Their president tried to defend the game by saying the first map was over 100 square kilometers in size. Again, BULL. It was about 10 square kilometers... about ONE-TENTH the size he claimed it was.

When they first launched on Steam, they stated in a press release Now that weve reached the Foundation Release milestone we will continue to work, as promised, to add features and content that will satisfy our community and keep them playing. Gosh, you mean all the stuff that was listed as features, that weren't even in the game?

You know exactly what I mean. "Multiple game worlds" (it had ONE game world). "A skill-based leveling system" (it had NO leveling system.) "Player-versus-Environment combat" (at launch, it was solely PvP). "Private servers" (NOPE! Not in the game!) It's no wonder why the game was pulled from Steam two days later, and accusations of fraud were leveled at it.

And before you open your mouth and say "All those features were added later", NO THEY WEREN'T... and if you're going to list something as a feature, it had damn well better be in the program, otherwise there's this little law called "Truth in Advertising".

Sorry, Sasho, but your response to the review just makes you sound like a company shill... maybe one of the users that was bribed, even.