A fantastic game, this and uncharted 1 & 2 are reason enough to buy a PS3

User Rating: 10 | inFamous PS3
Let's see, you can shoot lighning out of your hands, good, you can choose to be good or evil and you choice will effect the story and gameplay, better, you can rail slide on power lines while raining lightning down on your enimes....AWSOME!!!!!
inFamous gets a 10 out of 10!

You're not just going to take my word for it are you? well guess that means I've got to actually review the game, Sigh, I was hoping I could play inFamous some more, but no! O.K let's get on with it.

The good: It's fun to shoot your enimeis with lighning out of your hands, the story is good, the comic style cutscenes fit the games style perfectly, Exploring the city and runing from roof top to rooftop at breaknek speed it very fun to, you can choose to be good or evil and it will effect the story and how Cole looks.

The bad: The enimes attack in such large numbers, it can be hard to survive for long, the graphics aren't the greatest, but they're good, it can take some time before you unlock the cooler powers, cole's voice is a bit too gravely.

This game is in a word, Amazing, It has a great story, awsome gameplay that while dosen't really change, some how stsys fresh, cool comic book style cutscenes and the grand theft auto style gameplay of a completly explorable city is also fun.
There's so much right with inFamous that I had to think of some negatives, but I found a few: Enemies can attack you in large numbers from all directions and this can make the game frustratingly har das you die over and over again, the graphics are not the best compared to say uncharted, but they are good for next gen standerds, and it can take a while to unlock some of the cooler powers such as the havering aiality. But again these are minor complaints when you're looking at a game this good.

Well so in conclusion if you have a PS3, and DON'T buy inFamous, you're an EDIOT! (Ren & stimpy 4 ever!!!)