At first I hated this game more than anything! But after time?! believe me this one of the best stories o

User Rating: 9.5 | inFamous PS3
I am speechless.
This game proved me wrong as I quit playing it after a couple of missions.
At that time there were other games that got my attention until the end of November; when I read some of the players reviews and realized that I am missing something good and I am glad I did because this is one of the few games out there that offer you the whole package (Story, Gameplay, Graphics, Sound and innovation).

Story: Very imaginative, innovative and engaging story with the best ending you can wait for. (NO GAME OUT THERE) shocked me with its ending like this one (SORRY ACII). Its just the fact that at first you get lost in this huge world that is totally corrupted and you will become overwhelmed by the number of (PRIMARY) and (SIDE) missions that you have to complete with no obvious improvement and achievement in the story and the world you are suffering to save. But after a certain amount of time and a large number of missions you will be engaged in this game and its world more than anything around you. can't wait for InFamous2 announcement.

Game play: WOW, this game is so hard that sometimes you just want to smash the controller into your TV. Shocked, wait until you try it.
This game is ( UNIQUE ) in every way; the combat system is different from anything I have seen before, the characters movement through the city ( on the streets and roof tops ) is smooth and enjoyable, his unique and wide range of powers and their use in the game, and the huge number of bad guys (Reapers, Dust men and First Sons) is so challenging; which keeps you on the edge of your seat.
Oh I almost forgot, in this game you get to choose between two paths (GOOD and EVIL) and each one affects the story and (TROPHIES) in a different way.

Graphics: Okay this game has some gliches, but other than that this game provides you with a world to explore and save more than any ( SAND BOX ) game ever did in the past (STREETS, BUILDINGS, CIVILIANS, CARS, BOATS, BRIDGES, TRAINS, ELECTRIC CABLES, SEWERS and LAND ZERO!!!!!).
One of the best looking games of all time, especially for a sand box game.

Sound: Not the best aspect of the game, but respectful background music and beautiful sound effects and amazing voice acting, especially ( COLE, ZEKE, SASHA and KESSLER ).

This game is a must buy and for those who don't own a PS3, now you have 6 reasons to buy one:
Metal Gear Solid 4
Uncharted 2
Daemon Souls
Kill Zone 2
Little Big Planet

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