This game was my first choice to download after the network hacking. It has become one of my all time favorites.

User Rating: 9 | inFamous PS3

Cole MacGrath, a citizen of Empire City, receives a mysterious package to deliver. The package turns out to be a bomb that decimates a large area of the city, which leads to outright chaos.

MacGrath wakes up in a hospital bed, just to find out he can manipulate electricity. He soon learns how to control his new powers and the adventure begins.

What's great about this game is that you can choose whether or not to be the guardian of the city, or the most hated person in it. When you choose to be the bad guy, however, it's all non-canon and is pretty much a "what if" scenario. It's kind of a letdown, but in the comics, MacGrath is a hero, and willing to do anything to help others out, despite the fact that people make him out to be a bad guy most of the time.

You unlock new abilities after defeating enough enemies to gain experience points. The moves you get depend on the morale choices you make throughout the game. Each moveset is great on its own, but distinguishable differences increase the replay value and make you want to do a second playthrough.

The voice acting and sound direction is top notch. Jason Cottle does an excellent job voicing Cole MacGrath, and Caleb Moody as Zeke is arguably one of the best sounding sidekicks I've ever heard in a video game. Jim Dooley does a tremendous job setting the mood with the soundtrack for each area and boss fight.

There are a variety of bosses in the game. The final boss probably ranks within my top 50 boss fights of all time. You fight against a man named Kessler, who turns out to be the same guy that gave MacGrath the bomb to deliver. This boss fight is a marathon, so be on guard. Thankfully, at certain boss health intervals, checkpoints are reached, so if you die, you start at the point where the guy is at half health and so on.

With great control, awesome abilities to have fun with, the choice to be good or bad, and superb sound direction, this game is a must have for anybody who owns a PS3. Buy this game.