Choose, good, or evil, and away you go giving free electric shock treatment to all your enemies.

User Rating: 9 | inFamous PS3
Cole Magrath was an ordinary citizen, he had a simple, straight job and his hands where clean...ish. So after one package blows up and sends the city to hell you expect him to be dead, but instead he gains almighty electric powers. What to do with these powers, use them to help the citizens of Empire City, well they hate you for blowing up the city. Or maybe you abuse your powers and use them to get what you want when you want, well that makes your life more difficult in different ways. After meeting an FBI agent Cole sets out to find the people who sent the bomb. Its a good story and the ending is decent, but it continues on infamous 2.

With Cole's powers you can do all sorts of fun stuff! For a start you can shoot electricity out of your fingers, so there's a nice change. Some of the powers include a lightning grenade, shock wave, lightning drop, you can also learn a special good karma bad karma specific attack. Not all of Cole's attacks are offensive, he can shoot along electric wires and even glide! He can also climb up pretty much any building in Empire City. Climbing can be very clunky because its very hard to jump onto a specific point, but it's fun using Cole's powers to run along rooftops, shoot along wires, and fry any enemies you run into in the process.
You gain new powers whenever you power up a part of the city (some areas of the city have no power, and Cole is extremely vulnerable in powered down area's), to do this you must travel into the severs and re-establish the connection. The sewers look great because of nice lighting and are full of bad guys to bash, which is great because you will head down there several times during the game. But when ever you hear the words "head down to the sewers" you will become excited at the promise of new abilities.

Combat is fun and not to difficult, it's not very hard to zap an enemy from a distance and if enemies get to close you can always give them a SHOCKING knuckle sandwich.
The audio is decent but there are a few weird audio glitches when there's too much sound coming through at once. The Voice acting as alright, but some of the lesser actor's don't do as good of a job and can be pretty ropey.

inFamous only has two problems, the climbing difficulty as I mentioned before as well as glitches while climbing, also in cramped area's some surfaces look like you should be able to climb them but for some reason you can't. The other problem which is easily over looked is that the visuals don't look all that nice. Don't get me wrong there not terrible, but there not pretty. Most of the city is covered in a blurry smear, so don't expect a "great view" when you climb to the top of a high building. Its probably because Empire city is huge and detailed full of cars, trains and people.

The AI is decent, fighting them is not a cake walk, put it this way you are going to die in this game. And if you don't there's a hard difficulty, this lowers the amount of bullets Cole can take before dieing. Bottom line the difficulty is well balanced, not too easy and not too difficult.

The main story isn't that long, but with all the side missions and collectible's your looking at around thirty hours of game play. And after you complete it you'll want to play again to see what happens in the opposite karma, adding on another thirty hours. This game is unique and well executed, the flaws are easily overlooked. Thank you Sucker Punch.