I refuse to accept cole is gone forever

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I know that sucker punch has said that they're done with cole, but part of me still holds on. I always liked cole, and there's a bit of a plot hole saying that cole is truly dead. If the RFI really killed all conduits ( AKA anyone with the conduit gene), then how are there conduits seven years later? I Could easily see some sort of dlc mission being added, where Delsin ends up infiltrating a DUP base,and ends up finding Cole alive, but cryogenically frozen to keep as a source of genetic material for testing or something. and the player ends up getting the choice to unfreeze cole and set him free, or to kill him and take his power for himself

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For all we know, this new game might be in an entirely different universe. I just want to say BTW, that there's no way to continue Infamous 2 from both endings. It was possible for the first one, cause the choices didn't affect the world as much as they did Cole, but for Infamous 2, it's impossible to continue without choosing from which ending to continue. In the bad ending there, mostly everyone in the world unleashes his conduit powers, while the normal people die, and in the good ending every conduit dies except the normal people. BUT, in the last cutscene of the good ending where Zeek sails into the sea with Cole's dead body, a blue ? shaped lightning shows up in the last couple of frames and the game ends. So either way, it'd be interesting to see this game's story.
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Actually it's been stated that second son follows the good ending of Infamous 2. The goverment used cole's involvment in the deaths of all the conduits as an excuse to start the dup