Delsin's known powers and possible future powers Discussion and Theroies

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Alright so from what we know Delsin has the power to absorb the powers from other conduits by touching them for a small period of time. So far his revealed powers are Smoke and Neon. Now Smoke has been confirmed to be a speed power; the power that gives him the most mobility as well as a reasonable amount of power behind it. Now Neon, the ability he got from "Fetch" seems to be a power that is more about power and long distance combat but thats just me assuming.

Powers I PERSONALLY would like Delsin to have are the following:

Lightning[ Fan service and tribute to Cole]



Elemental powers are a delicate thing, and given what Delsin has to work with the powers need to make sense otherwise it just won't work very well. Now since he fight with a chain and from the looks of new screens that he can go barehand; I'd assume that he's have to use powers he can funnel in that way because it wouldn't make any kind of sense for him to have more than one weapon aside from the chain and his barehands because it would just look and feel strange.

What are your thoughts on the powers he should have? Leave your comments