A great sequel to inFamous, with several new features.

User Rating: 9 | inFamous 2 PS3
infamous 2, while not completely perfect and occasionally frustrating, is in my opinion just as good as the first game.
It has several improvements and at the same time drags in its own flaws and problems.

Cole has expanded his powers drastically since inFamous, but after the Beast almost kills him he flees to New Marias further down the east coast of America. During the fight he loses most of his abilities, so he must re learn them, as you play you will learn old familiar powers as well as some new ones.
The story is surprisingly good.

The first thing you will notice that is new in inFamous 2 is the melee weapon the "AMP". The AMP is pretty much functional and gets the job done but the camera can play up in cramped area's of New Marias and sometimes you will be reduced to swinging blindly at anything that comes near you. But when the camera does work it is amazing!

As you play you will learn some of Cole's old powers, and some all new powers. To fit more powers in, inFamous 2 lets you re assign powers quickly and easily even in the heat of combat.

Just like in the first inFamous you can climb up buildings, speed along electrical wires and glide through the air. The gliding has been improved and grinding along wires is much more fun thanks to better animations and camera angles, climbing is pretty much the same, clunky. You will also learn abilities that will make getting to the top of a high building a hell of a lot easier.

Unlike the first iFamous, inFamous 2's visuals are superb for an open world game, it isn't coated in a blurry smear like the first game. The lightning looks considerably better than in the first game, better facial animations, better motion capture, batter sky boxes, everything looks better.

The games audio is where things get dark. Most of the main voice actors do a good job, but some of the other acting can be a bit ropey. The SFX can be a bit buggy, there's also not much of it. The ambient is almost completely silent, whereas on the first game you could hear the wind blowing at the top of a high building and you could hear cars driving around. It had a nice apocalyptic feel to it, you could believe that a huge bomb had gone of inside a once busy city. inFamous 2's audio doesn't sound busy, it sounds empty. You only hear cars when you go near a road, the only other sound effects are bird chirrups. If you enter the swamps surrounding the city though the sound becomes much more lively. I mean, the city isn't meant to sound apocalyptic because it isn't, but they could have at the very least made it sound alive!

The disappointing audio and the clunky melee camera are the only real problem specific to inFamous 2, all other problems have been carried over from the first game. These problems take hardly anything from the game's fun level though and are mostly forgivable.
There are allot of fun moments in this game, like when you attack a fort, of when you are running across a train yard freeing prisoners from cages while under gunfire.

And remember, you can play this game from good and evil perspective's, and when you complete it as one, you will want to see how it plays out as the other. Unlike the first inFamous depending on if your good or evil you will play the final mission a different way. Infamous 2 is a superb game even with its forgivable flaws and if you enjoyed the first game, you will enjoy this one.