Best 50 dollers spent? Yeah, in fact a bargin

When oblivion came out, i had friends rave about it. i myself did not own a 360 at the time. I said that the game probally isnt that fun because morrowind gave me a headache with how often youd have to walk to new citys. Boy was i wrong.

Gameplay : Perfect, just perfect. Greatly done for the console, Fast Traveling made the game possibly 900x better then morrowind. Weapon Usage is possibly the most improved over morrowind, its easy and effective and what youd expect in a action game. morrowind's was like a headache without the use of a asprin.

Graphics : The Graphics are suberb. But it is lacking due to Gears of War, there are many bugs such as trying to fight invisible bears, and ultimately Graphics lag when a big brawl is going on and or when the physics are all used in one position(ie 600 arrows + something that explodes = lag). The Graphics Still Look Better Then Most, id like to note that i didnt play this game in hd.

Sound : Theres no reason to ask this, Award winning score, award winning sound design, award winning voice acting. theres no reason to go in deph.

Value : Oh god theres so much to do and its usually fun. it took me about 3 weeks to completely finsh the game which is longer then most games. and im still iching to play some more.

Tilt : This is the start of next generation gaming.