Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Level passwords

    Enter these codes at the password screen to access the corresponding levels. The code symbols are Greek, but here is information on how they can be identified:

    Delta - triangle
    Phi - shaped like an oval intersected by a vertical line
    Sigma - appears like the letter ''E''
    Psi - trident-shaped symbol
    Omega - looks like a set of earphones

    Code Effect
    Phi, Sigma, Psi, Omega Nepal (easy)
    Omega, Delta, Sigma, Phi Cairo (easy)
    Psi, Sigma, Sigma, Phi Island (easy)
    Delta, Phi, Delta, Omega Shanghai (easy)
    Delta, Phi, Omega, Sigma Village (easy)
    Phi, Delta, Phi, Psi Pankot Palace (easy)
    Phi, Omega, Psi, Omega Venice (easy)
    Delta, Psi, Phi, Omega Salzburg (easy)
    Sigma, Omega, Delta, Sigma Berlin (easy)
    Phi, Psi, Delta, Phi Alexandretta (easy)
    Phi, Omega, Omega, Sigma Nepal (hard)
    Phi, Phi, Omega, Psi Cairo (hard)
    Omega, Delta, Omega, Psi Island (hard)
    Omega, Delta, Phi, Psi Shanghai (hard)
    Sigma, Phi, Omega, Sigma Village (hard)
    Omega, Psi, Psi, Omega Pankot Palace (hard)
    Omega, Omega, Delta, Phi Venice (hard)
    Psi, Delta, Sigma, Sigma Salzburg (hard)
    Psi, Omega, Delta, Sigma Berlin (hard)
    Psi, Psi, Phi, Omega Alexandretta (hard)
    Delta, Psi, Delta, Sigma Nepal (Normal)
    Sigma, Delta, Sigma, Psi Cairo (Normal)
    Sigma, Omega, Psi, Psi Island (Normal)
    Sigma, Psi, Psi, Phi Shanghai (Normal)
    Sigma, Psi, Omega, Phi Pankot Palace (Normal)
    Phi, Delta, Psi, Sigma Venice (Normal)
    Phi, Psi, Delta, Omega Salzburg (Normal)
    Phi, Delta, Delta, Sigma Berlin (Normal)
    Phi, Psi, Phi, Sigma Alexandretta (Normal)
    Sigma, Phi, Delta, Omega Village (normal)

    Contributed by: ixfd64 

  2. Level Skip, Level Select and Game Over Codes

    Enter these codes while the game is paused on Controller 1. You must unpause and pause again in order to enter a different code. Please note that the codes will quit working if the game is reset. Notes: Level Skip - after entering the code, you must pause the game then Press the B Button on Controller 1 to skip the current level. Level Select - after entering the code, you must get a Game Over and return to the Options screen to use the Level Select. You can do this by losing all of your lives or by entering the Game Over code.

    Code Effect
    A, Y, Left, Up, Down, Right, X, Y Level Skip
    L, R, Down, Up, Y, X, Select Level Select
    Right, Left, Right, Left, Up, Down, Y, A Game Over

    Contributed by: lockshaw13 

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