Here I am, writing this rewiew in 2008, ten years after Incoming came to the PC. I look back and think of the classics

User Rating: 9 | Incoming PC
I dont really remember if this game was easy or hard, its just the memories of the experience that makes me think how much gaming has evolved since Incoming. The graphics were amazing just like the shooting. It always looked nice kick to the sh**s out of the alien tanks and aircraft. Dont be mistaken that Incoming is a game that you should play now for a great experience, no, Incoming was a game you should have played a long time ago for great experience! The rating i gave this game is coz the thrill of sitting back and thinking of it as a top-notch old-school and so on....... You get the point.

Incoming is a classic

I think most of you who have played it see it as an old-school classic too, but if you dont, dont talk crap about old memories like this one!!!