I like fly!!!

User Rating: 8.7 | Incoming PC
I loved games where you can fly, or destroy flying vehicles, especially flying vehicles that were occupied by aliens. I saw the game and I was overly excited.

Gameplay: You can control a turret, shooting down flying crafts, and destroying ground vehicles; while avoiding shots; or be in either a jet or helicopter, going to different missions and destroying the enemies. At times you'll have friendly's to work with as well, who aren't really much help since they're not very smart. At first this flying, driving, and defending business while shooting is pretty fun.

Graphics: Not bad, I like.

Sound: Nothing to brag about here, it have a high variety in sounds.

Value: I'd be surprised if you sit through the missions the first time, some people might have the interest and patience. But second time, I would highly doubt it. There are different difficulties though, for those who wants a challenge.

Tilt: The game did good, but if it was able to get more variety and if all the missions didn't feel like the previous sets of missions, this game would've been great. It was just a good game gone wrong, but it's still worth a look at, at least.