The innovative idea of creating your own army with combining animals make this game different from many other RTS games

User Rating: 8 | Impossible Creatures PC
Impossible Creatures is a classic RTS that have an innovative feature and a very enjoyable Campaign. It features a 15 mission long story mode about a man named Rex Chance who is in search of his long lost father who is working on a science experiment in some massive island chain.
Gameplay is fun and enjoyable, graphics are good but sounds could be better, Animal sound effects get too repetive.
The basic gameplay of Impossible Creatures is split into two sections, the actual battle, and the creation of your creatures. The first part is very simple and familiar if you played RTS games. there are all of old stuff: collecting resources, build structures, build army and finally destroy enemies, and of course there are some issues. The one thing I really hated was limited coal resources.
Maybe if the core gameplay had been as innovative as creating the units, this games gameplay would be amazing. As it is, however, it still stands as a great game.
So if you are a RTS fan, I recommended this one and this game absolutely worth a try from any RTS fan.