If you never played this game, its a real blast and it'll take up your time if you are in a game drought

User Rating: 9.6 | Impossible Creatures PC
Ok i bought this game upstate a few years ago and its really fun. When I got home to play it. I WAS HAVING SO MUCH FUN! ok so you combine creatures using two different animals and make a SUPER CREATURE! Lets say u wana combine two creature by using the creature chamber and u can have the head of a Tiger and the Legs,Body and Tail of a lobster, Well i cant describe it to much but its really fun, theres also online and its fun. Its awsome playing against other IC players. I actully was in a great match before with my friend (It was 2v2v2 and We won *pretends dirt is on shirt and wipes it off) Its a BLASt :/ You can also download more creatures on impossiblecreaturesplannet Its awsome Well watch a trailer or something or pick it up at a store for 19 bucks, It fun so watch a tralier,pick it up, and kill that Elephant/Hornet that you enemy Calls Sally and use you Tigerobster To Kill It!

i say 9.6

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