If you liked Demon's Souls, this is a must, perfect game.

If you liked Demon's Souls, this is a must.
Amazing multiplayer makes you summon allies to help you in your errand or you can invade to get souls.
The world is vast and possibilites are innumerable.
When you die, its because YOUR FAULT, its a game that makes you learn from your mistakes. You come back to life, recover the souls you killed in the way back and keep improving yourself until you stop dying. The feeling that you experience is amazing due to the fact that you ARE learning from past mistakes to stop dying and be more accurate in your playthrough. Killing a Boss, difficult as it is makes you even stronger, sometimes you get how to kill a boss right off the bat, sometimes you don't and this is were the killing begins, the learning, studying of movements from the foes is so rich that if you make a mistake, you will notice immediately that you're in risk of dying. it leads the gamer to perfection.
This is not a hack and slash game that makes you press buttons fast, it requires you to press a specific button WHEN EXACTLY NEEDED or you die, A game that needs to be on the collection no doubt. I can't wait to finish the game.