Innovative and charming, but slightly flawed. Impossible Creatures is worth a try from any jaded RTS fan.

User Rating: 8 | Impossible Creatures PC
Impossible Creatures takes a startling and fun concept and turns it into an art: combine creatures, then fight with them. Gameplay: Impossible creatures is a fun game, to say the least. The joys of seeing what combinations you can make are many. Combining anything, say a gorilla and a rat, will give you funny, often hilarious results. Sending these creatures off to fight is heart-pounding. Will your new combinations work or will they be slaughtered? What has the enemy been making? How will you counter it? These are the great points of Impossible Creatures gameplay. It is, however, slightly marred because the basic RTS elements are there, and really boring. Monotony happens as you gather resources and build buildings, waiting for the fun to begin. If the core gameplay had been as innovative as creating the units, this games gameplay would be amazing. As it is, however, it still stands as a great game. Graphics: Showcasing a variety of wonderful locales, Impossible Creatures' graphics are superb. I experienced no gliches or slowdowns, and any relatively recent machine (2-3 years old) should play the game easily. Sound: There is not enough sound in the game. It needs a better score, I can't even recall any tunes. Value: It is a great game, even though it is flawed from the brilliance it could have been. Tilt: If you are a fan of the RTS genre, this game is deserving of a playthrough. As a casual RTS player, however, get something else, like... Starcraft.