Well, let's just say you probably have not played a game with the premise of Trauma Center. But that's pretty much what Atlus Co. is all about. Delivering games that even you have not thought up. Trauma Center takes place in a future time, a time where AIDS and cancer have been cured, and a new disease called GUILT is creating havoc everywhere. You take the role of Derek Stiles, a young doctor with an unique ability. As Stiles, you operate on patients using several tools. The tools are selected with the Nunchuk attachment, and then applied to the patient using the Wii remote and its buttons. The whole system works quite well, though there are some gameplay issues with the drain and forceps. But all the other tools work great. Trauma Center tells a pretty decent tale while giving fairly challenging gameplay. You can even take the easy way out by setting the difficulty to easy. I feel that on easy, it's easier to lose than win. But regardless, the game is quite challenging. There are also X missions at the end set at Extreme difficulty. So far I have completed one. Ha, they're probably some of the harder tasks in my recent video game history. So you're getting a pretty decent value in this package, though it would have been nice to have some more unlockables by beating missions on hard or obtaining enough S rankings or something to that effect. But the way it stands right now is pretty solid. The sound and music are good, but some of the voices, most notably Angie's, can get a bit obnoxious at times. The artwork and graphics are very good, and they fit the game very well. Overall, it was an interesting experience that seems to fall a bit short in the rewards category. I mean, what's the point in trying to get an S ranking for every mission if the game doesn't even acknowledge your achievements. Bragging rights just aren't enough for some of the tasks the game presents.