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IL2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover – Review

After numerous years of playing IL2 Sturmovik: 1946 which was released originally in 2001, I have grown a love for it. It gave me the chance to fly a solid flight simulator whilst at the same time being able to pump incendiary bullets into an enemy's fuselage. No other game could offer this. The Microsoft Flight Simulator series lacked the combat and the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator was... well it wasn't very good in many departments. Even in the last couple of years, a few combat flight sims have being trying to tickle my fancy but have failed as Wings of Prey was just too 'arcadey' and Rise of Flight just wasn't my thing.
Last year, Oleg announced the production of IL2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover. My first thoughts were that it would merely be another rendition of the original. As time went on and trailers, interviews and details were released, I began to have hope in the game as a total revamp of the original which got me excited. Every few weeks the game would catch my eye again and again and my interest in it would continue to grow.
Eventually on the 31st March 2011, IL2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover was released. I waited a few days before I purchased it, but as soon as I installed it I was eager to bask in it's improvements of the original.
I installed, I played.
At first I had the graphics turned to medium as my PC has a relatively high spec just to see how it would run. I was shocked. I was averaging 10 frames per second. I was baffled. I turned the graphics to low at which point my fps increased to 19, but I was still dazed and confused. Let me point out, these were the average frame rates whilst flying above the sea, as I approached London, the frame rate dropped again to a painful 9 fps. I had had enough. I RAGE QUITED!
I returned a few hours later for a second attempt to enjoy. I opened the game, but for some unknown reason, it froze on start up. I tried again but still the same. I consulted the Oleg forums and soon found that it wasn't just me experiencing these problems.
The best advice was to wait a while. So I did, and eventually the game opened successfully. I set up a simple dog fight. I would be flying an BF-109 and the AI would be a Spit. I took to the sky with the frame rate at 15 fps. As soon as the Spit came into sight, the fps dropped to 7, but I continued to play despite my anger. I managed to lay a few cannon rounds into the Spitfire's left wing, which caused it to ignite into flames. This impressed me as it appeared as they had had spent a while on the damage model. My rounds must have hit the magazines to cause the explosion.
After my dogfight, I would have kept playing, but I had more important things to do such as watching the television...
So, after my hour or so of playing IL2 CoD, I have come to a conclusion, a quite negative one.
IN THEORY, the game would be good if not for the numerous bugs and the fact that it seems you need some sort of NASA computer to run it, but unfortunately, the game is plagued by these features.
Hopefully, Oleg will patch the hell out of this game before I uninstall.


GRAPHICS: 6/10 – I could see that the textures and mesh were well done, but it is a real risk maxing the graphics to actually experience it
GAMEPLAY: 5/10 – Meh, it's good, but it is relatively the same as the original, which is not a bad thing, but you'd think after all these years they would have made something better
SOUND: 6/10 – Mediocre at best
PRODUCTION QUALITY: 2/10 – Oleg really gave me the finger with this game, it feels like he's spent a few weeks on it, not 6 years.
OVERALL: 4/10 – Potentially good game, but it was rushed out waaaay too quickly.

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