(UPDATED) Patched this game has become what I was hoping it would be!

User Rating: 9 | IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover PC
This game with all the latest patches is now what I expected it to be and what I hoped it would be. It still has some bugs to be worked out but nothing that would keep you from having fun. You still need a decent system to fully enjoy all the bells and whistles (latest generation dual core and an ATI 4870 (1gig) should get you medium high settings at 20+ fps min, probably 35 fps average). The system described in my old review (see below) is plenty. The fps go from 25 to 96 now with everything maxed out (1920*1080), on the main map with 25 AI aircraft. I've also noticed that my video card is always at close to 99% use, so it seems that that is where the bottleneck is, as my processor cores seldom rise above 70%. This is my favorite sim and the best I've played, mind you I still enjoy Rise of Flight and DCS A-10, both excellent sims, but I love the feeling of COD and the lighting and shadows are incredible. If you're even remotely interested in WW2 aviation, or aviation in general, get this! It is unfortunate that Gamespot reviewed this game already as it has yet to be released in North America. The Gamespot review is accurate prepatch, but paints the wrong picture of what the sim is now. This game will only get better, as the Devs have recently proven.

(old review)
I don't disagree that this game is not optimized, it was clearly released too early. I would have easily given a score of 10 if not for the poor optimization. However I have had no issues with stability or crashes. If you want to play the single player missions or the campaign I would not get this yet as the fps performance will disappoint. That being said this game is great fun and will give you the most realistic sensation of flying that you can experience on a computer to date, but only if you use the FMB (full mission builder) to control the frames per second. Here are my numbers:

-average of 40 fps, min 30, high 70
-AA 4x
-AA transparency multisample
-16x aniso
-max graphical settings
-max realism
-using multiplayer maps
-7 AI aircraft and 15 ground objects around the airport,
online map.
-E8500 overclocked to 3.8ghz with 4gb ram
-vista 64 ultimate

I've spent most of my time flying and not tweaking, so these settings may not be optimal for my system. If you go about this game the right way, it can certainly be worth the money. If patched this game will be the standard in the genre, just like its predecessor, no doubt!