Ikki Tousen: Shining Dragon Cheats For PS2

  1. Unlock Extra Characters

    The following characters can be unlocked through finishing specific Story Modes. These characters can be used in Mission Mode and Cosplay modes; their stats can only be raised in Cosplay Mode.

    Code Effect
    Finishing Sonsaku Hakufu's Story Mode. Ukitsu
    Finish Ryomou Shimei's Story Mode. Ryofu Housen
    Finish Kanu Unchou's Story Mode. Chousen
    Finish Chouun Shiryu's Story Mode. Kakouen Myosai

    Contributed by: Arcueid Brunestud 

  2. Unlock Cosplay Mode.

    "Hitori de Cosplay Mode" and "Minna de Cosplay Mode" can be unlocked by finishing Story Mode with all playable characters. In "Hitori De Cosplay Mode," you will fight in a special outfit while the CPU uses default. In "Minna de Cosplay Mode," both you and the CPU will be in special outfits.

    Code Effect
    Finish Story Mode with all playable characters. Hitori De Cosplay & Minna De Cosplay Modes

    Contributed by: Arcueid Brunestud