From the very moment I put this into my Dreamcast, I knew I had something amazing on my hands...

User Rating: 9.2 | Ikaruga DC
First off....WOW.

Okay, that's done. From first glance, Ikaruga looks like your regular, run-of-the-mill shooter; play it. Now the graphics are obviously dated but they are still a masterpiece in their own right. With great looking backgrounds, neat looking weaponry, and interesting ship models, this game looks the part. Now for the gameplay, you have your standard, up, down, left, right config along with your attack. But something that changes it here is you have the ability to switch from a dark flier to a light flier. When you're in dark mode you can absorb the dark weaponry that's fired at you for a little energy boost, and the same goes with light weapons. Also, when in the contrasting color form you will do more damage to the enemies. On top of all this it still manages to keep a constant difficulty that will put any player in his/her place. If you have a Dreamcast, you must own this.