Like R-Type and Raiden? Be ready to fall to your knees and cry.

User Rating: 9.6 | Ikaruga DC
After playing so many scrolling ship shooting games for years. I thought I knew it all. Until I got Ikaruga for the Dreamcast many years ago. Ikaruga is an instant classic and extremely addictive. It sticks to its traditional predecessors in many ways. From the massive hordes of enemies to the extremely enjoyable music, Ikaruga is a gaming experience that should not be missed by any gamer. Do not get me wrong, Ikaruga is far from being for everyone, but everyone should still take a shot at this game. The gameplay itself is extremely fast-paced. The point of the game is like any scrolling ship shooter. Shoot and don't die. But it is very different from them all. The main feature of the game is the switching weapons system. You have Black/Red and White/Blue, whichever you prefer to call it. All enemies shoot both types of weapons. The weapons system also pertain to your shields. Whichever weapon you have selected will be the power that your shield can absorb. Sounds easy? No, from the constant blasting and projectiles coming your way, you'll never let go of the controller as you try to keep up. The sound in the game is phenomenal. It is almost like a blend between the old school game music with the newer songs from today's games. If you see this game for DC or if you spot the GCN version. I suggest you pick it up right away.