Final Fantasy 9 is a true fantasy in the histroy of videogames.

Final Fantasy 9 was the first RPG game I played on playstation. When I first played it I didn't like it I didn't get that far on disc 1at ice caverns, But when I started again I loved it.

The Story was brilliant it felt like an adventure in your own room a beautiful princess wishes to by kidnapped by a theif called Zidane and stop the queens evil polt from destroying other kingdoms in the world called Gaia.
You will meet other charcters that will help you on your adventure and you will fight alot of monsters in the game.
The control was kinda easy to control it is a 4 four disc game.
I liked everything about the game, the story,music,charcters and wanting to know whats going to happen next.
This is a brilliant game it feels like your reading a fantasy book for real.