Even with the dated graphics, this is a wonderful Horror game. Chalk that up to the brilliant story.

For me, this review of Undying is long overdue. I should have completed it when I first created my Gamespot account, but being the disorganized person that I am I completely forgot about it until I was recently flashing through my game collection.

Undying was one of those rare gems that gets excellent reviews but flops in the market place. Which was really too bad because the story being told was wonderful. Everything from your characters history to the Covenants family history is covered with wonderful detail so macabre that it just left me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next.

The only let down I really have occurs later in the game when the story moves away from the mansion and takes on a more adventure game feel. Outside of that, the characters were wonderful and the voice acting so superb that playing this game was like watching a very interactive movie for me.

We need more works from Clive Barker!