A fairly decent game for its price. But when you really analyze its elements it could be a whole lot better. Overall Ok.

Turtles in Time is definitely Re-Shelled on the graphics part, but not on the gameplay. This arcade game is one where when you play it the first few times you think great. But after the honeymoon period wears off so can the games appeal.

The graphical appeal of the game is decent. Not so much as you would question why bother reproducing it. But not to the point were you can immerse yourself into it.

Gameplay is fun as each level brings something new to the table but each new element is predictable and not overly challenging but rather a nuisance to overcome. Limited control over the one of the 4 brothers is also quite bothersome as the move list is non-existent and there are no special moves. Only power up moves that are short and limited.

Overall a good arcade game, but when looked at closely or played repeatedly. There aren't enough elements to keep the game interesting.