An excellent game that everybody should enjoy.

Mario Kart Wii has gotten about an 8 from every critic that I have seen. But it is better than that. It is definitely better than Double Dash, but then again, it is different. There are a couple of flaws though that bother me. The graphics are Gamecube graphics. That is something that can be spotted right off the bat. Also, Nintendo made the silly decision (in my opinion) to take 16 older courses and put them in the game as apposed to a total of 32 brand new courses. The 16 new courses, however, are spectacular. The new Rainbow Road and Bowser's Castle, are both magnificent.
The most peculiar thing about this game is the addition of motorcycles. They handle WAY better than karts. But each bike is a lot different.
The online is spectacular. It works like Mario Kart DS. Another think i like is the use of your Mii as a driver. Its a lot of fun. Buy it. But don't bother using the wheel that comes with it. Use a GameCube controller.