Snake performs his final mission in the best game on the PS3 to date.

After playing MGS4 for a couple of times, I have to say that it is one of the best games that I have ever played on the PS3 system to date. Although it has a lot of cinematic to it, I felt that these were necessary in following the story of MGS4 and that Hideo Kojima did no wrong in putting them in. The scenes are not only informative, but they are also dramatic which makes them both engaging, interesting, and entertaining and they are what separates the game from all other games. This story is moving and it is this quality that I believed made MGS4 in my view, the best game on the PS3.

The cinematic really make you feel like you're watching a movie, but at the same time, you're also playing a video game. MGS4 accomplishes this with enough combat in very open areas that allows the player to do virtually whatever they want, whether it be to sneak around to avoid the enemies' eyes or fight them head-on with an array of weapons that is sure to please every shooter. I personally found the sneaking around more exciting because the difficulty in doing so was really exhilarating, and it feel good after you successfully performed a nearly perfect sneaking mission.

That's not to say that fighting head-on is not just as fun. Experimentation is actually key in playing in this game. In MGS4, the player must find the best way to help Snake move to the next level, and usually it's a mix of sneaking and combat. The CQC is good and cool in this game, especially when Snake comes up behind someone and slits their neck or throws them down really quickly to knock them unconscious. Some weapons in this game are also customizable and the shooting and aim are fantastic and easily adaptable for any gamer.

Another cool aspect to the game is Snake's Octocamo-Suit. This enables the user to use the environment as cover when in stealth. This for me was a great highlight in the game, however that doesn't mean it made the game easier. Enemies in this game aren't that dumb, so it makes the game challenging and fun at the same time.