Very customizable and free-roaming means no set path by any means, but combat leaves me wanting.

Sorry to say, if I shoot a human in the face with an assault rifle, they should go down... Targeting mode makes things too impersonal and provides the player with "no skill needed" mentality. Press a button, time stops, you can pick whatever body part you want to shoot. Do not buy if you want a satisfying and high action game. Apart from that, everything that is customizable in the game makes the player want to tinker with every item to make it their own and to make combinations that will fit situations better than others. All and all i think its a rent before you buy, I did, and returned it for something else within 2 days. However anyone looking for a immersive RPG will be satisfied. I love the plot and the scenario but it just left me wanting a couple changes in order to make it a perfect game.