I was really loving this game..."was" being the key word here.

User Rating: 7 | Half-Life PS2
I've been addicted to this game for a couple of weeks now playing it after I get out of work. I couldn't believe how good this game is for how old it is. The game is just massive. There are just tons of different areas to see and lots of creatures to destroy. I would say it was even on the easy side. Everything about this game was great untill...

The game got insanely retarded when you enter the other world. It even got really hard really fast. The spider/crab boss that you have to kill is just difficult as hell. It's not even the boss that's really all that tough. It's those damn little baby crab creatures that look like dead roasting chickens that pissed me off. It's a pain in the butt to try and shoot these things all while trying to defeat the boss. They are relentless. I finally used the invinsibilty cheat code to get past it. (Note: I rarely EVER use cheat codes) I figured whatever was next would be cool. I was wrong. It just got even lamer. I don't even know if I'll finish the game. This game should have ended in the real world. Either that or they could have made the alien world a hell of a lot better. What really pisses me off is that I was totally loving this game. Up untill the point I just described it was one of my favorite games ever. I'm truly disappointed. It's gonna be tough to rate this game based on what happens to this game towards the end.

If it weren't for the alien world I'd probably rate it a 9.5, but because of the alien world I'm giving this game a 7.