iBomber Defense Pacific Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Complete the tutorial levels. Basic Training
    Place 40 turrets. Gunslinger
    Reach Sgt. Major level. Sgt. Major
    Drop 20 bombs. Flying Fortress
    Complete the first counter attack level. Geronimo
    Find a Hidden Target. Lone Star
    Reach Captain level. Captain
    Reach Colonel level. Colonel
    Place 400 turrets. Cold Steel
    Drop 200 bombs. Superfortress
    Reach Brigadier General level. Brigadier General
    Complete a bonus level. Pathfinder
    Perfect Tarawa without upgrading any turrets. Daredevil
    Perfect on Santa Cruz using only Machine Gun. Sharp Shooter
    Reach Major General level. Major General
    Reach Lieutenant General level. Lieutenant General
    Reach General level. General
    Unlock all available perks. Shadow Warrior
    Complete the campaign. Semper Fi
    Complete the secondary objective on every level. Hellhound
    Reach 5-Star General level. 5-Star General
    Perfect on every level. Hotshot
    Gain Turret Guard on every level. Guardian Angel
    Get full veteran medals on every campaign level. God of War
    Find all the Hidden Targets. Hawkeye

    Contributed by: Guard Master