Outstanding game with dragons!

User Rating: 9.9 | I of the Dragon PC
This is the most captivating RPG I've played to date, especially because the dragons are well done, and you're playing one! 3 types to choose from and they all have their specialties from the beginning. To date I've only played the black dragon. The game moves along at a nice pace and auto saves at each level so far. You have just enough health in the beginning to survive if you pick your fights without getting overwhelmed. At each level you can choose to increase abilities like your breath power or breath capacity, life, fly speed, and magic. You're alloted a limited number of points at each new level and each increase has a different cost. Do not forget magic! Many spells exist to help increase your battle prowess and not just defensive magic. Also, flight speed is important. Monsters aim to throw magic/ and missiles at the dragon, and speed can help you get out of a tight spot where you're overwhelmed.